A new archive for the heritage of the City

A new archive for the heritage of the City

After about 20 years of expectations and promises, the work of rationalizing the immense archival heritage of the Municipality of Brescia finally sees the light.

From 15 different depots scattered around the city, to a unique site of over 5000 square meters, to preserve the city's past, present and future documentary.

Fully funded by Palazzoli SpA and designed by CREW, the project involved the execution of two buildings, of 3650 sqm and 1700 sqm, built with anti-seismic and fire-fighting features, along with a special ventilation system for the proper preservation of the huge amount of paper documents from the former archive.

Inside the second building, inaugurated yesterday, there are shelves 9 meters high with a total linear surface of 20 km.

At the current storage pace, it will take 30 years before saturation is reached.