Buildup of the Residence-Hotel Mallia

Rome, Italy
Architectural detailed project, structural project, bill of quantities, systems design, construction management

The project is about the design of the structural works for the extension of Mallia residence-hotel in Rome. The extension relates the construction of a new fitness club center with its parking.
 The center is equipped with two swimming pools, a hot tub and a pool with a sliding cover (that allows the natural lighting). On the top of the building there is another pool for the exclusive use of the Residence's guests.
A Particular attention has been devoted to the swimming pools structural components. In fact, in order to ensure a correct operation of the system, it was necessary to provide a sufficiently stiff structure with no deformations, especially for the perimeter beams in which there are arranged the drainage logline.


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Buildup of the Residence-Hotel Mallia

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