Competition for the Martiri-Pedersoli School

Chiari, Brescia, Italy
Final architectural project

The project stems the desire to achieve the expansion of the current primary school in Chiari (BS) due to the population grown in these recent years. The project is also a sort of redevelopment of the city, through the design of the open spaces that connect the new to the existing complex.
 The project is not only in the expansion of the school and its canteen, but also a system of services that can be used by the citizens. For example the gym for sports competitions, a civic center, an auditorium and its underground car park. New features are placed in a new volume located adjacent to the existing school, characterized by an inner patio, which acts as a filter between the classrooms and other civic functions.
In the aim to create continuity between the open spaces, the project includes the same surface treatment for the internal patio. Regarding the facades, the principle used is the highlight of the sequence joint/coupling between the different volumes that constitute the complex. 
The result is a system that in the external finishes differentiates the various elements, but in the articulation of volumes is homogeneous to define a kind of urban order, a requirement expressed in the tender.


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