Exit Stairs Canopies of the MetroBs Stations

Brescia, Italy
Architectural design, structural design

The project is about the construction of the exit stairs canopies of the MetroBs stations. The design idea is not to add a further element on the surface (made by the pyramids and the elevator), but is the design of an element with a minimum volume and geometry. The lightness of the roof and its transparency will display its operation, and it will allow the day- light collection. During the night, it will spread the light in the space under the stairs and into the surrounded square. The RGB LED lighting allows the colour and the cover texture changes; by making different lighting effects that can interact with the alternation day / night, the changing seasons, as well as with the schedule of the city's major events. The architectural component is made by the assembly of three steel structural elements: a circular beam -which constitutes the rotation pin of the cover-, box-shaped profile beams, stiffening purlins. The coating of the cover is designed in polycarbonate panels which, thanks to their lightness, brightness, versatility, allow the achievement of the requirements sought. 


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