Combined Cycle Power Plant

Rizziconi, Reggio Calabria, Italy
Structural project, architectural project of the reception, offices and plant
Frigerio Design Group

The combined cycle power plant of Rizziconi is a 760MW plant that covers an area of approximately 100.000 sqm
Constructed in little more than 27 months, in the heart of the Gioia Tauro plain, the thermoelectric plant is currently among one of the most modern plants for electricity generation, thanks to the use of combined cycle technology.
The plant was designed to guarantee the maximum respect towards the environment and the highest production efficiency.
The generation modules were designed on a multi-shafted configuration, a more advantageous and flexible technological solution, where each turbine is linked to its own alternator to transform mechanical energy into electricity. The complex comprises facilities and technological buildings divided in two identical and independent sections with a different architectural treatment by the use of different materials of the coating skin, respectively concrete and galvanized metal panels.
The reception and workshop located at the entrance, as well as the administration building, dialogue with the large scale of the technical structures.


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