Competition for CAP New Headquarter -3rd prize

Gruppo CAP
Milan, Italy
Architectural competition- 3rd prize

The project proposal for the New Headquarter of the CAP Group respond to the company’s need of gathering in one representative building all the offices spread in the Milan area. The project takes into consideration the urban complexity and the different type of workspace, trying to put them together in a sustainable and contemporary architecture.

The project has important objectives: the efficiency of the fluxes and floor plan layout, internal and external flexibility, architectural sustainability in the energy-saving function and well-being, phases that optimize demolishment and new constructions.

The project for the new headquarters consists of three main elements:

-a rectangular shaped building of six floors which houses the offices;

-three lower blocks, which house the auditorium, the museum, and the laboratories;

- The "main street", a distribution volume that connects all the spaces.

The project is characterized by the presence of two courtyards, which are intended as internal urban spaces. These courts allow views on the open space from the main street and increase the quality and attractiveness of the entire complex spaces.

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