Waste to Energy Plant

CNIM, Dulsco
Dubai, UAE
Architectural schematic design - competition

The project proposed for the iconic solution enclose in one building the two main elements that characterize the EXPO event: an iconic and remarkable design and an unique visitor experience, designed to communicate the recycling process  in an innovative and playful ways.

The plant has the capability to turning waste into energy, to transform a problem into an important resource for the community. This energy cycle inspired the architectural design of the Plant. The theme of cyclicality is also found in ancient cultures, in particular in the mythologic symbol of Ouroboros, a serpent eating its own tail, that symbolized something constantly re-creating by itself. The inspiration of the Ouroboros allowed to transform the theoretical concept into the shape of the building. This idea of something endlessly regenerating can be found also in the visitor walkway. This is a closed cycle, such as the cycle of nature, and it follows all the waste treatment phases, starting from the arrival of the garbage, until the creation of energy.  The whole shape of the building is envelopped around the visitor path, like a rolled snake/Ouroboros in the desert.

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