San Pellegrino Flagship Factory

San Pellegrino, BIG bjarke ingels group, SBP Schlaich Bergermann Partner
San Pellegrino Terme, BG, Italy
Structural concept, schematic, detailed design and site supervision with SBP
BIG bjarke ingels group, SBP Schlaich Bergermann Partner, Arup, Atelier Verticale, West 8, Squint/opera, Mic, Big Ideas, Studio Piero Castiglioni, GAD
Credits for the images BIG bjarke ingels group

The S.Pellegrino brand identity is deeply rooted in its origin in San Pellegrino Terme: from the majestic nature, purity of the source and historical heritage, to the century-long development of craft and Italian way of life.
The project proposes an architecture that offers a fresh take on an ancient wisdom, revisiting the classic elements of Italian architecture: the arcade, the viale, the piazza and the portico create an architectural environment where production and consumption, nature and architecture, outside and inside, are integrated to elevate the experience of visitors as well as of S.Pellegrino staff.
Framed by the river valley and mountains on either sides, employees and visitors will feel immersed in nature from all directions, with abundant views to the flowing river, the forested slopes, the snowy summits and the clear skies.

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