New M. Rigamonti Stadium

Brescia Calcio
Brescia, Italy
Architectural and Structural schematic design
GMP Architekten

This project consists in the requalification of existing Mario Rigamonti Stadium located in the north of Brescia.
It is part of the category of urban stadium and for this reason the project is not limited to the construction of the new sports structure, but aims to regenerate the surrounding area. It starts from an analysis of urban potentialities in order to create a dialogue between them and the new stage as new service for the community.
The stadium will be able to host 16.340 spectators and will occupy an area of 111.500 sqm, with services closely linked to the sport stage like Brescia Calcio fan shop and museum, and urban activities like commercial and restaurant areas, for more openness towards the city both in terms of time and space.
The creaction of a contemporary sport structure, that meets European standards and meets population needs in terms of space, safety and usability, has led to the choice of developing the cavea on a podium, placing the controlled accesses to an upper level. This architectural element allows to solve various project themes related to the stadium functioning condition, including the resolution of security barriers issue, the total separation of flows and the coexistence of other public open activities during the days of the match.

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