Ex-Cesalpinia Urban Regeneration

Broseta 2 S.r.l.
Bergamo, Italy
Structural design and project coordination

Structural design and project coordination of four buildings in the site called ex-Cesalpinia in Bergamo.
The project involves the construction of a two-level basement with four buildings above. The covered area of the site is divided into Retail (13.000 sqm), Residence (40.000 sqm) and tertiary of (15.000 sqm). 
The residential building made with the technology of the cast-in-place concrete, has seven floors, next to it there is the building dedicated to tertiary, with three floors. On the roof there is a canopy with a considerable fluctuation along the entire perimeter of the building.
The D building has got the shops at the ground floor and the residential housing at the upper five floors. 


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