Maintenance Centre for BreBeMi Motorway

Maintenance Centre for BreBeMi Motorway


Consorzio B.B.BM., UNIECO, Pizzarotti


Fara Olivana, Bergamo, Italy




Architectural design, structural design, MEP design, project coordination

The project relates the motorway BRE.BE.MI maintenance center placed in Fara Olivana con Sola (BG). It was develop the architectural, structural and engineering detailed project. The center host the management operational activities for the new motorway section, in particular the control activities belonging due the operations center and the anti-crisis unit, the administrative and personnel service as well as the storage of the emergency and maintenance vehicles. The maintenance center is a complex of different buildings with divergent functions. At the same time there are merged into a single coherent plan. The decomposition of the volumes of the industrial-deposit allows on one hand the minimization of the height of the buildings and on the other hand the better deal with the surroundings agriculture environment. Around the courtyard there are placed the administrative building of 403 sqm, the Technology Building of 148 sqm and the storage made in precast structures. In the outside there is a yards of about 5.600 sqm.