Circumetnea Metro Line

Astaldi S.p.A.
Catania, Italy
Architectural concept for tender

The project is the Circumetnea metro line extension, with two new stations in the area of Misterbianco, in Catania surroundings.

The main themes investigated in the design are:

- Functionality: a new layout for the station was developed in order to reduce the impact on the highly dense built environment

Urban integration: the surface elements were highly integrated in the urban context; an occasion for site renovation, identification and development

Comfort and safety: the station was opened with big skylights in order to provide natural light into the station. These well lit spaces reduce the claustrophobic feelings that often characterize the underground spaces;

- Clear sightlines, rational signage and intuitive paths provide both safety and efficiency of the travel experience;

- Sicilian identity: the cladding choices for the internal walls reinterpret the traditional craftsmanship of the Catania ceramics.

The stations are also characterized by a particular use of colour, that creates focal points to orient users along their journey. These vivid elements contrast to some more neutral and bright surfaces, which give to the interior a vibrating atmosphere.

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