Napoli Porta Est

FS Sistemi Urbani
Napoli -Italy
2022 - Ongoing
Masterplan Preliminary Design

The regeneration of the "Napoli Porta Est" railway area represents a significant opportunity for improving the mobility system in the region and the overall spatial, ecological, and environmental quality of the city of Naples.

Its main feature is its proximity to the Napoli Centrale/Garibaldi railway station, serving as the gateway to the Campania capital for those coming from the national territory. It gathers the main flows of urban traffic, both rail and road, and identifies an important intermodal hub that needs enhancement to meet current mobility needs.

The implementation of the project will allow the creation of a new interchange hub that will revitalize the entire Southern Italy region, generating new development opportunities in the productive, industrial, and tourist sectors. The goals and key elements of the proposed intervention are outlined below:

  • Urban regeneration project with the development of new public and private tourist-receptive, commercial, and directional functions.
  • Enhancement of the intermodal exchange hub and systemic and integrated reorganization of both railway and road transport networks.
  • Reconnection of the area to the urban fabric.
  • Decongestion of city traffic.
  • Improvement of ecological and environmental quality.

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