Expansion of the Newspaper Printing Plant

Eco di Bergamo, Giornale di Brescia
Erbusco, Brescia, Italy
Architectural, structural design, construction management, project coordination, site construction supervision

The project foresees the expansion of the existing printing plant  with 6000 sq m, in order to increase the productivity with an additional rotary printing press made of new reels, storage and dispatch area.
 The volume of the new rotary printing press characterize this expansion project, but at the same time it  is visually detached from the pre-existing structure by its position and the materials used.
The materials used in the pre-existing structure, for example the pre-treated copper and the bricks, were chosen to reinterpret the traditional construction in Franciacorta, whereas the materials used in the expansion, such as the stainless steel shingles, break up with the tradition and follow the innovative architecture.


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