Metro Riyadh Functional Design

Riyadh Metro Line 3 LLC
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2013-in progress
Architectural functional design

CREW in a Joint Venture with Oneworks, are the consultants of studio IDOM for the functional design of the Riyadh Metro Line 3 Stations. The consortium is led by Salini-Impregilo.

Line 3 runs for 41.58 km, starting from the West (near the Jeddah Expressway) and ending in the East (near the National Guard Camp of Khashm El Aam) with a total of 22 stations, divided into four different types, 2 iconic station (Downtown Station and Western Station), 7 deep stations, 3 shallow, 1 transfer and 9 elevated.

The functional design of the stations has been focused on the assessment and definition of the different functional components, in order to ensure that the stations perform their functions properly and effectively, in compliance with the given design requirements.

With reference to the station operations the functional design analyzes: the different processes/circumstances which will take place, such as  transport services and passenger flows, maintenance and repair, emergencies.

The design process has been driven to develop, for each of the stations types, common solutions for recurrent functional issues; in order to maximize the effectiveness of the design effort, for this reason a prototype has been developed for each station type, in order to outline the functional layout and the physical dimensions of it.

In this step a deep knowledge of the place is required. For example the width limitations imposed by the narrow streets of the popular Al Bat'ha neighborhood, has been taken as an opportunity to increase the spatial quality of the stations and to let the sunlight in, in order to achieve and improve the passengers orientation and experience.


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