Trento Vision: a Linear Park as Urban Regeneration

FS Sistemi Urbani
Trento - Italy
Masterplan Preliminary Design

The vision for the city of Trento arises from an opportunity: the partial undergrounding of existing railway tracks, with the conversion of the existing station into an underground station. This operation creates a true urban void, necessitating the development of a new scenario that must address two main objectives:

  • Urban Regeneration: Reconnecting the east and west areas of the city (currently divided by the presence of the river).
  • Returning Spaces to the Community

In response to these themes, a linear system from north to south has been conceived, articulated by extensive green areas and urban spaces. Along this route, there are planned key interventions that are relevant to the city's scale, serving as new urban attractions. These interventions were deemed necessary through the study of the city of Trento and its services. It seemed natural to place a sports field and related facilities to the north of the new park, thanks to the current presence of adjacent existing sports areas. In the southern area, adjacent to the station, there will be a new bus parking area and new residences for students, closer to the university area located southeast of the city.

In addition to the connection with the city, the linear park also thrives on its own strength, thanks to urban insertions linked to the surrounding fabric at a local scale. These may include minor interventions resulting from participatory planning, working with specific connections and elements of the context, reinforcing existing functions/services and creating new centralities.

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Trento Vision: a Linear Park as Urban Regeneration

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