Metro C Station - Piazza Venezia - Roma

Metro C S.C.p.a.
Roma (RM) , Italy
2020 - ongoing
Architectural Schematic and detailed design

Rome’s C line in Piazza Venezia is one of the most complex and incredible urban structures in the world.

The station's construction will be an impressive feat, plunging 40 meters below street level with a remarkable 8 underground levels. This ambitious endeavor is no ordinary task, as it entails meticulous archaeological excavation to restore the long-buried treasures beneath the square to their former glory. Beyond that, it involves the creation of an extensive underground pedestrian pathway connecting directly to the most significant tourist attractions in the area. With entrances strategically placed at Palazzo Venezia, Hadrian's Athenaeum, and the Vittoriano, the new station will not only offer street access but also establish a captivating underground museum hub. It will grant unrestricted access to all surrounding museum complexes, from the depths of the Vittoriano to the concealed chambers of Palazzo Venezia, creating an unparalleled cultural experience for visitors. The Piazza Venezia station stands as a symbol of a transformative project aimed at establishing a subway line within one of the world's most urbanized cities. This visionary initiative will connect the bustling East quadrant with the vibrant Northwest quadrant, cutting through the historic center.

Rome's Metro Line C embarks on a mesmerizing voyage into the past, guided by futuristic marvels. These driverless trains gracefully navigate through the very heart of ancient Rome, weaving their way within the expansive grounds of Europe's largest archaeological excavation, an awe-inspiring expanse totaling 585,000 cubic meters. The fruits of this labor have resulted in the creation of veritable "archeostations." At locations such as San Giovanni, the metro stations serve as living museums, coexisting harmoniously with the transportation hub itself, offering a truly unique experience to travelers. This visionary concept redefines the conventional notion of a subway, reaching its pinnacle of expression at the forthcoming Piazza Venezia station. It is destined to transcend its role as a mere transport hub, evolving into a cultural crossroads that will connect numerous captivating tourist attractions in the vicinity.

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