Connection Between Railway and Metro Stations

Brescia Infrastrutture
Brescia, Italy
Architectural preliminary and detailed design, structural preliminary and detailed design, MEP design

Today in Brescia, there is not a direct link between the train station and the Metro. This project seeks to fill this lack through two works which will enable the connection between the underpass of the Brescia railway station and the underground stop "Stazione FS". To allow this, the project includes

- An enlargement of the high atrium of the Metro Station that, with a vertical lift system, will connect directly the underpass.
- An underground corridor next to the top of the Metro atrium in connection with the existing lift of the station.

In order to minimize the psychological and physical discomfort of the users when they were walking along the underground environments, a particular attention was paid to the safety and comfort of the transit spaces, by the realization of skylights and openings that illuminate the areas with natural lighting. The aim was the creation of a direct visual contact with the outside.
The new project is consistent with the existing subway station, with hints of color, style and material to this and to the other stations of the Metro line.

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